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Our Physicians

  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

    • Neyha Cherin, DO – Consult Service
    • Lori Grafton, MD – Interim Chair, PM&R
    • Justin Hong, MD – Brain Injury Program Director, Subspecialty in Brain Injury Medicine
    • Michael Kryger, MD – Interim Medical Director, Spinal Cord Injury Program Director, Subspecialty in Spinal Cord Injury Medicine
    • ShaEssa Wright, DO – Pediatric Physiatrist 
    • William Pomilla, MD – Subspecialty in Stroke Rehabilitation
    • Natasha Romanoski, DO – Outpatient Spinal Cord Injury and Spasticity Management
    • Weibin Shi, MD – Subspecialty in Pain Management
    • Theresa Such-Neibar, DO – Pediatric Physiatrist
    • Shangming Zhang, MD – PM&R Clinic Director

    Internal Medicine

    • Nicole Osevala, MD – Medical Director Transitional Care 


    • Raymond Reichwein, MD – Stroke Program Director


    • Lisa Eaton, PsyD
    • Sharon Hattrick, PsyD
    • Maria Maron, PsyD