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Our Patients

    • Charles Wright

      Charles Wright

      Charles Wright, 54, of Gettysburg, felt sidelined by surgical complications. Retired from a successful contracting business following a stroke, Charles was leading an active life caring for his three grandchildren with his wife of 35 years,… View more

    • Kyle Gilbert

      Kyle Gilbert

      In March of 2016, Kyle Gilbert fell off the side of a mountain in Utah while snowboarding. He broke 30 bones and sustained a traumatic brain injury. An alert ski lift operator and the ski patrol saved his life. A hospital in Utah… View more

    • Don Yeagle.

      Don Yeagle

      Don Yeagle was diagnosed with  cluster headaches in May of 2016. Soon after his diagnosis, his wife, Gail, said she found him lying on the floor and it became clear he had a stroke. During recovery at his local hospital,… View more