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Our Patients

    • wayne-wente.jpg

      Wayne Wente

      To long-haul truck driver Wayne Wente, his pride and joy is his rig, custom fit with living quarters suited to a man on the road.   It was Christmas Eve and Wayne, 62, was en route from the Midwest, traveling through central Pennsylvania when… View more

    • Gary Davis

      Gary Davis

      Over the course of their marriage, Jessica Davis brought her husband, Gary, a cup of coffee hundreds of times. There was never a sweeter ask, however, than – three months after a fiery roll-over car accident that nearly killed him – when… View more

    • Isaac Mosquera

      Isaac Mosquera

      On May 21, 2019, Isaac Mosquera drove from his office at Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) in New Jersey to the company’s warehouse in York, Pennsylvania. Around lunchtime, the 38-year-old began experiencing weakness in his left arm and slurred… View more

    • Ashton Nappier

      Ashton Nappier

      “A parent’s worst nightmare... getting the call that your child has been flown to the hospital with life threatening injuries. The call came in at 3:44 p.m. on January 18, 2019,” recalls Amber Nappier. Her 21-year-old daughter Ashton was… View more

    • Bruce Van Ness

      Bruce Van Ness

      Bruce Van Ness was officiating a volleyball game when he felt shoulder pain and weakness. The 71-year-old tried to shake it off. He’d rest after the game; no big concern. He was just coming off a bout of bronchitis coupled with the excitement… View more

    • Heather Bivens

      Heather Bivens

      Heather Bivens’ life changed forever on Feb. 3, 2019. The 31-year-old was driving through an intersection when a drunk driver ran through a red light and struck the side of her car. The impact gave her a traumatic brain injury,… View more

    • Richard Bisking

      Richard Bisking

      63-year-old Richard Bisking was enjoying retirement from his career as a physical education teacher. Active and independent, he enjoyed working out at the gym and maintaining his yard. Then, a relaxing night out turned into… View more

    • Kevin Hoch

      Kevin Hoch

      Kevin Hoch had the worst headache of his life.  The 37–year-old sergeant with the state corrections system described his pain as, “not even a scale of 1 to 10, it was more like a 19.” The increasing intensity of his headaches had a growing… View more

    • Charles Wright

      Charles Wright

      Charles Wright, 54, of Gettysburg, felt sidelined by surgical complications. Retired from a successful contracting business following a stroke, Charles was leading an active life caring for his three grandchildren with his wife of 35 years,… View more

    • Kyle Gilbert

      Kyle Gilbert

      In March of 2016, Kyle Gilbert fell off the side of a mountain in Utah while snowboarding. He broke 30 bones and sustained a traumatic brain injury. An alert ski lift operator and the ski patrol saved his life. A hospital in Utah… View more

    • Don Yeagle.

      Don Yeagle

      Don Yeagle was diagnosed with  cluster headaches in May of 2016. Soon after his diagnosis, his wife, Gail, said she found him lying on the floor and it became clear he had a stroke. During recovery at his local hospital,… View more